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Using crowdfunding and community ownership to maximise the impact of Hippo Water Rollers in Mozambique

In 2015 Ruben Morgado and his wife partnered with the Carlos Morgado Foundation in Mozambique to create a crowdfunding campaign to fund, transport, and distribute 30 Hippo Rollers to the community of Mangundze in the district of Manjacaze.

Their goal was to assist families to secure improved access to drinking water, benefiting their health and freeing their time to focus on education and income-generating opportunities. They wanted a tool that would have an immediate impact in the community, and the Hippo Roller was a perfect choice.

In 2016 their plan is to expand the distribution and impact with 60 additional Hippo Rollers in Mangundze.  A new crowdfunding campaign was launched in May 2016 for this purpose: